It’s a Zoo Out There!

Yesterday morning I went on Fox News to do a fashion segment focusing on the upcoming trend that I think is going to be huge…inspired by this article:! This trend is prints of various animals on all types of clothing and accessories! It’s already big overseas & it’s not long before it completely trickles into the US…H&M has already caught on with their horse printed line of shirts & dresses…be the first of your friends to rock the look with some of my style picks below:

#1 H&M horse print button down, #2 H&M horse print dress, #3 Victoria Beckham Cat Dress #4 Nordstrom Peacock Dress #5 Quicksilver Horse Print Tank #6 Kate Spade Zebra Belt #7 Marc by Marc Jacobs Bird Skirt #8 Topshop Horse Shorts #9 Motel Horse Scene Dress #10 Kate Spade Camel Print Scarf #11 Marc by Marc Jacobs Cat Flats

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