Where I’m Headed: NYC

I’m going on a few cool trips this summer & thought it would be fun to give you all a sneak peak into my packing process! This Sunday, I’m leaving for a trip to New York City…I’ve started packing and putting together some options that you can see here!

When I’m packing, I like to include a lot of things that can be mixed & matched. I also make a list of what type of outfits I need for each day based on what activities I’ll be doing & the weather. I think another  great packing tip is to bring lots of layering pieces so you’re able to put them on or off depending on how hot/cold you are!

For traveling on the plane, I prefer long flowy dresses that are comfortable but still look put together…like the black one featured in day 4. Since I’m going to New York, I included a lot of edgy black pieces, but I think it’s nice to add a pop of color here & there, like with the  Zara shoes & blazer. I’m also all about mixing and matching patterns right now, as you can see in day 3 😉

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