Interview With the Designer of Black Halo, Laurel Berman


Neiman Marcus Orlando had a trunk show and presentation from Laurel Berman herself! I was lucky enough to get to interview her!

Laurel has elevated the Black Halo brand to a level in contemporary fashion that can be considered iconic. Berman created a brand that is now synonymous with beauty and modern-day style.

Through the wildly popular “Jackie O” Dress, Laurel dramatically transformed the way women dress today with the simplicity of a single piece. With flawless construction, impeccable tailoring and an aesthetic that both references and reinvents classic glamour and sex appeal. Ever growing and evolving, Berman consistently presents unique silhouettes and draping techniques – never ceasing to surprise with innovation through unexpected sources of inspiration.

Interview Questions:

Who has been the most influential person for you in your career journey so far?
It’s hard to pinpoint exactly one person, many have inspired me in different ways along my journey to this point in my career
3 things you can’t leave home without?
My Iphone, My Yoga Mat, & My Hazelnut Decaf with Almond Milk
Do you have any advice for facing adversity/struggles in business?
To not take “No” for an answer, there is always something good around the corner
What has been the high point or pinnacle of your career thus far?
My first fashion editorial feature in Marie Claire 2005 
Did you encounter any surprises along the way while growing and establishing your business?
The competition that we have faced with manufacturing in LA, the labor prices have steadily increased over the years as more and more vendors are looking to manufacture locally
Who are your personal style icons?
Coco Chanel, Diane Vreeland, and of course, Jackie-O
What do you know now that you wish you had known 10 years ago?
To not get caught up in the praise or the critism of others
What is your vision for the future for Black Halo?
Product expansions into shoes, sunglasses, and fragrance

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