White Pumps! Must or Bust?

This was a topic I talked about this morning on FOX35

White Pumps aren’t just for a wedding ensemble anymore! White pumps are being worn by every celeb young and seasoned! They are being styled with anything from a gown, minidress, shorts, pants and even suits. This isn’t just a look for spring summer. You should be wearing RIGHT NOW before the trend goes away. Here are a few options that won’t break the bank but will put you in style right now where you need to be!


Kim kardashian missed the Must with this look. Her skirt is too long and hits her leg at the wrong spot for this kind of pump. She needs a jacket on top and a less bulky top. This look would have been better with a different pump that didn’t cut her leg off.

white shoe what not to do


1. Nicholas 2. BCBGeneration 3. Elizabeth & James 4. Michael Kors

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